First visit

The first visit in four steps.

1. Arrival to Massage Point

You have set up the first appointment. Remember that one hour before the massage you should avoid meals that are too heavy or too large. After arrival to the facility, a person at the reception will welcome you and ask you to complete a brief form, where we ask to provide information regarding your health condition, all complaints, and injuries, which may turn out to be very useful for us in relation with planned massage. In order to slowly complete the form and start relaxing with a cup of tea or a glass of specially prepared water enriched in natural fruits, vegetables and herbs, please come to us about 15 minutes in advance.

1. Arrival to Massage Point

2. Preparation and start of the procedure

2. Preparation and start of the procedure

The masseur will come to the reception and invite you to one of our massage rooms. He/she will analyze the firm, you have completed and ask about your complaints and expectations you have for this massage. If you have not decided what massage to select, it is good time to select the best type of massage for you with assistance of the professional masseur. Then, the masseur will leave you for a while in the room, in order to allow you to prepare for the massage. You will find the disposable underwear and clean towel. If you need, you may take a shower. If you are ready, sit down or lie down on the massage table and wait for the masseur. Before start of the massage, you may ask to change temperature and lighting in the room. Your comfort is the most important for us.

3. During the massage

This time is only for you, and you should windup and relax, but of course if you feel any discomfort, please, inform the masseur about this fact, if it is related to the room temperature, too strong of too light pressure applied by the masseur, or in order to draw attention to more demanding parts of your body.

4. At the end

After completed session, the masseur will ask you to stay in lying position for a while and later slowly sit and get off the massage table. The masseur will leave you in order to let you get dressed and will wait for you before the room. He/she will escort you to the reception and propose something to drink. Remember that during massage, our organism becomes dehydrated and supplementing fluids is very important.

We hope that you spent your time with pleasure and you are looking forward to coming once again.

If you would like to share your comments during the visit at Massage Point, of you have the idea what else we may offer to make you feel even better, please, contact directly the person at the reception desk or via e-mail to the address kontakt|| |kontakt|