All massages offered at Massage Point may be enriched in natural aromatic oils, i.e., you may also undergo beneficial effect of aromatherapy besides massage.

Aromatherapy is very simple and effective, and in addition, very nice method introducing us into the state of even more relaxation and elimination of many complaints. Aromatherapy, i.e., treatment with scents. Aromatic oils acts in two ways: being absorbed through a skin during massage and/or penetrating out respiratory system via breathing / inhalation. This immersion in the scent is very important for our health, because each of aromatic oils has its exceptional properties. Aromatic oils reveal bactericidal action, anti-inflammatory action, warming-up, relaxing action, stimulating action, pain relief in arthralgia, myalgia, headaches, and relief in cough and rhinitis. Use of aromatic oils stimulates our immune system and improves blood and lymph circulation.

It does not make sense to wait any longer, select an aromatic oil with assistance of your masseur, which is the best for you and use therapeutic power of scent.