Benefits of massage

Massage has many positive aspects. Therefore, it is very difficult to find its disadvantages – until recently, it was a price, but our subscription system provided solution for this problem. Regularity of massage, even in case of only one procedure per month, allows experiencing its beneficial effect for very long time.

A moment for your body

Massage is a procedure mainly intended for a body. List of its actions is very long. Due to massaging of a suitable parts of the body, we may achieve various results. Two basic types of procedures include classic massage and relaxing massage. What can we expect from a massage?

The first and the most important action, which is aim of the masseur, is to stimulate circulation. Accelerating blood flow results in purifying the organism, achieving better nutrition of the respective cells, also improving condition of the blood vessels, slowing down heart rate and lowering blood pressure. The second important aspect is relaxation and elimination of the increased muscle tone in selected areas of the body.

These actions are followed by other issues: skin condition improves, because the skin becomes supplied with more blood, so it becomes firmer and tighter. Massage removes keratinized epithelium from its surface, and it allows opening skin pores and sweat pores. Massage allows reducing spider veins and cellulite, and it reveals highly positive results in eliminating overweight. Another aspect of massage is its effect on the osseous and muscle systems, however, it mainly depends on a type of massage. Due to systematic procedures, the solidity and weight of the bones may be increased, also elasticity of the joints is improved, therefore, massages are recommended for older people.

Massage performs various actions depending on type of tissue, which is affected. In case of the connective tissue, it affects its growth, nutrition and it improves its flexibility; in case of the osseous tissue, it accelerates process of ossification and it regulates proportion of organic and inorganic compounds. Adipose tissue is influenced by massage in such way that it causes breaking and removing fat cells and it accelerates metabolism. In case of cartilage, their massaging inhibits development of degenerations or it reduces the existing lesions.

Procedure for your soul

Systematic massage sessions are also important for our comfort and mind. Pressing and massaging various parts of the body results in our nice impressions and increases secretion of serotonin. It has been known for ages that touch of another person reveals soothing and sedative action.

Massage sessions performed once a month allow eliminating fatigue and feeling of tension in the body. While undergoing regular massaging sessions, we have the feeling that we take care of ourselves and our health. It also positively influences our self-esteem.


Massage specialists say that effect of one procedure maintains over twenty days – one session per month allows achieving many of benefits listed above.