Classic massage

What benefits are provided by classic massage?

  • It stimulates the circulatory system, the lymphatic system and the muscular system.
  • It positively influences comfort and mood, and it supports serotonin secretion.
  • It provides relaxation and windup.
  • It rejuvenates and smoothes skin, and it positively affects is firmness.

Classic massage, which is also called Swedish massage, may focus only on the spine or it may include the whole body. This is the most popular form of the procedure, which influences almost the whole organism. Purpose of the classic massage is to stimulate circulation, relax muscles and strengthen the osseous system. During the massage, special oils are used, which additionally increase sensation and deepen benefits provided by the procedure.

Classic massage of the spine

It causes almost immediate elimination of tension, which is accumulated in the cervical and shoulder muscles. It combines techniques of therapeutic and relaxation massage. It may be also used as a part of rehabilitation.

The massage allows eliminating effects of the sedentary lifestyle, and it also helps to prevent spine degeneration and scoliosis. It is especially recommended to persons with spine problems, who suffers from the neck pain or the back pain.

Classic massage of the whole body

Purpose of this type of massage is mainly stimulating circulation in the whole body. Faster flowing blood carries many positive phenomena: it decreases blood pressure, the body becomes unwind and relaxed. Well-oxygenated cells in the whole body start purifying, and it especially positively affects the skin.

Massage of the whole body is more relaxing than therapeutic procedure, but it is worth to be placed in the list of monthly procedures.

When is it worth to select classic massage?

We recommend classic massage especially to persons, who lead stressful life, and who do not move too much on daily basis, and who are not very active. Regular procedures allow maintaining the body in good shape. In case of problems with the spine, it is worth to select the procedure focusing on this part of the body.