Lymphatic drainage

What benefits are provided by manual lymphatic drainage:

  • It stimulates fluid circulation in the lymphatic system.
  • It liquidates edemas and prevents from their occurrence.
  • It contributes to losing weight and it models figure.
  • It accelerates posttraumatic rehabilitation.
  • It provides relaxation and windup.

Manual lymphatic drainage is special, quite superficial massaging method. It relates only to the skin and tissues located under the skin. Due to this reason, pressure applied by the masseur’s hand is rather insignificant, and instead of pressing, massaging is used. Manual lymphatic drainage is a procedure, which very quickly improves comfort.

Manual lymphatic drainage – relief for your legs

Manual lymphatic drainage is commonly used as the cosmetic and the therapeutic procedure. In the first case, it mainly relates to cellulite liquidation – drainage is extremely effective. Moreover, it firms the skin, smoothens it and improves its blood supply. In case of therapeutic application, the drainage is used in posttraumatic rehabilitation – it helps eliminating swelling and edema.

However, it is not the only advantage of this form of massaging – the drainage strongly stimulates the lymphatic system, which is responsible for elimination of toxins from the organism. For this reason, you may feel much better during the procedure then you were feeling before. Therefore, it is recommended in postnatal revitalization. Other action of the lymphatic drainage is aforementioned elimination of edema – the most often it is retention of the lymph, which is unable to outflow from a given place. There are some situations, e.g., after mastectomy, if as a result of surgery, the lymphatic vessels are removed from a given area, the drainage is able to eliminate excess lymph.

When is it worth to use manual lymphatic drainage?

Using manual lymphatic drainage is recommended in women in postpartum period, in persons, who would like to remove cellulite, and improve skin appearance. It is also an important rehabilitation procedure in case of limb injury. It allows removing edema. It is also recommended as the general procedure, improving health condition and comfort.