Sports massage

What benefits are provided by sports massage:

  • It allows recovering muscles after a significant physical effort.
  • It eliminates tiredness and tension.
  • It prevents from injuries.
  • It prepares the body for a significant physical effort, such as sports competition.
  • It provides relaxation and windup.

Sports massage is similar to classic therapeutic massage, but it includes slightly higher intensity and rapidity of the masseur’s movements. Its basic purpose is to prepare the osseous and muscular systems for a significant physical effort or to eliminate results of such energy outlay. It is used by the athletes: not only professionals, but also by amateurs.

Take care of your joints and muscles

Sports procedures are very important from training point of view – thanks to them, the athlete’s body has time to recover. Suitable techniques also allow activating adequate muscle groups, stimulate them, which prevents from occurring muscle soreness or blocks.

Another, very important aspect of the sports massage includes effect on the osseous tissue (massage results in increasing bone density, and accelerating ossification processes) and on the cartilaginous tissue (massage leads to its strengthening and elasticizing). All of this is very important in injury prevention. Type of massage depends on practiced sports discipline – at Massage Point, we treat each customer individually, so you can count on appropriate services.

When is it worth to select sports massage?

Sports massage is for you, if you practice sports on regular basis, participate in competitions and break records. It may be used not only by professional athletes, but also by amateurs, e.g., runners participating in street running. Sports massage is very important element of building a suitable condition before competition.