Everybody, who comes to Massage Point, has guarantee of service at the highest level, provided in friendly atmosphere and for affordable price; however, the Members may additionally use this luxury on regular basis as well as many other benefits.

We developed the membership program due to the fact that we know that body care is very important, as well as mind, and how much it is worth to break away from daily noise and stress, and how much massage contributes to this process. Through the membership program, we would like to encourage the Customers to develop a habit of regular use of benefits provided by massage in order to constantly improve health condition and general well-being.

Additional benefits

  • Discounted rates - after your first 1-hour massage, members receive additional services at reduced membership rates;
  • Free aromatherapy;
  • 15% discount on massages and services for Family members (with the same second name);
  • 15% discount for Gift Cards;
  • 15% discount for all products offered at Massage Point.

Prices and term of the agreement

Fixed term monthly membership: a monthly payment is charged for an agreed upon monthly term of 12 months. The fixed term monthly membership cost is PLN 109;

The membership includes access to a 60 minute massage session per month plus aforementioned additional benefits. Unused massage is carried forward to the next month.


We propose two methods of payment:

  • Monthly fee via automatic charging a charge/credit card;
  • One prepayment for the whole term of the agreement, which may be made with bank transfer or with charge/credit card at the reception desk at Massage Point.