Terms of use





1.     Massage Point Body & Face Massage Salon ("Massage Point") provides services as part of its business conducted under the business name Blackfinch Sebastian Szczygieł.

  1. Massage Point provides services from Monday to Friday between 1.00 pm and 9.00 pm and from Saturday to Sunday between 10.00 am and 5.00 pm in the premises located at ul. Sandomierska 23, 02-567 Warsaw.
  2. All people staying in Massage Point are required to comply with the present Regulations and follow the instructions given by the employees of Massage Point.
  3. The employees of Massage Point provide services aimed solely at improving well-being and physical condition. The current price list of the services, which is attached as an appendix to the present Regulations, is available in the premises of Massage Point and on its website.
  4. The duration of each service (massage/body treatment/face treatment) is specified in the following time units: 30, 60, 90 minutes and is measured from the moment the customer enters the studio until he/she leaves it.



  1. During the first visit, the Customer is required to fill in the Customer Card form, providing correct information regarding his/her health condition and contraindications, if any, as well as to update the data during future visits, in any.
  2. The Customer is obliged to promptly inform a person providing treatment about possible discomfort or feeling unwell during the treatment being provided.



  1. The Customer is entitled and obliged to reserve the date of the service.
  2. Reservations can be made through the online reservation system, via email to rezerwacja@massagepoint.pl or by phone (22 416 66 10).
  3. The reservation is made only when it is confirmed by a Massage Point employee via e-mail, text message or by phone.
  4. The Customer is obliged to cancel or change the reservation date of the service no later than 24 hours prior to the appointment.
  5. If the reservation has not been cancelled or the date has not been changed later than 24 hours prior the appointment, the Massage Point Massage Salon shall be entitled to deduct the contractual penalty amounting to 30% of the reserved treatment value.
  6. The Customer is obliged to arrive on time for the reserved treatment.
  7. If the Customer arrives late for the booked treatment, Massage Point reserves the right to reduce the treatment time, and if the Customer arrives over 10 minutes late – to cancel the reservation.



The valid offer is available at the reception desk and on the website of Massage Point.



  1. As a Member of Massage Point the Customer is entitled to one 60-minute-long basic massage per month (excluding the options specified in the Massage Point price list as additional treatment) and any other special offers for Massage Point members provided for in the present Regulations, price list or on Massage Point's website, in particular to:
  • promotional prices for all treatments available in Massage Point in accordance with the present price list;
  • 15% discount for all products offered by Massage Point in retail price;
  • 15% discount for gift cards offered by Massage Point;
  • an invitation to Massage Point twice a month for a family member who will be allowed to use the treatments provided by Massage Point at prices for the Members. The invited guest should have the same surname or address of residence in his/her ID as the Massage Point Member.
  1. The 60-minute-long massage not taken in the given month may be used in each following month. After the termination of the membership agreement, the Member must use the cumulative, unused treatments within 90 days. After 90 days, the right to use the massages is lost without the right to claim monetary compensation.
  2. The period of the membership begins and ends in accordance with the period of validity as specified in the membership agreement.
  3. Membership is measured in full calendar months beginning on the first day of the calendar month and ending on the last day of the calendar month. The settlement period covers one calendar month.
  4. Membership is effected after completing and signing the membership agreement and paying membership fees due.
  5. A membership agreement can be concluded for a specified period of 12 months, or for an indefinite period with a 3-month notice, starting from the first day following the submission date of the notice that needs to be drawn up in writing to be valid.
  6. During the notice period the Member is obliged to cover all the overdue membership fees and the membership fee for the notice period, and the Massage Point Massage Salon is entitled to charge the membership fee for the said period.
  7. A membership agreement cannot be terminated before the lapse of the period specified in the agreement or without the 3-month notice unless Massage Point grossly violates the terms and conditions of the agreement despite issuing a written request by the Member to refrain from doing so.
  8. Massage Point is entitled to terminate the membership agreement with immediate effect before the expiry date of the agreement or without observing the notice of termination, if:
  • continued membership may harm the reputation or interest of Massage Point, in particular due to aggressive or dangerous behaviour, vandalism or any other behaviour that violates the rules of social conduct,
  • the Member violates the terms and conditions of the agreement and the present Regulations,
  • membership fees or other fees are not covered within the time period as set forth by Massage Point, despite having notified the Member twice about the arrears.
  1. If the agreement is terminated for reasons attributable to the Member, the Member is required to pay a contractual penalty to Massage Point in the amount equivalent to membership fees for the number of months remaining to the agreement expiry or the applicable notice period.
  2. The rate of the membership fee and a one-off activation fee is specified in the membership agreement.
  3. Membership fee shall be due and payable for individual settlement periods. The settlement period shall be one calendar month. Each amount of money paid in advance shall cover the services provided in the next settlement periods. The membership fees are payable in advance on first day of the month. The first membership fee and the one-off activation fee are charged on the day of signing the membership agreement.
  4. If Massage Point is unable to charge the payment via the method specified by the Member in the membership agreement, the Member is required to immediately indicate a new debit/credit card to be charged, by filling in and signing a new debit/credit authorization for Massage Point to charge the new debit/credit card.
  5. In exceptional cases the Member may pay the membership fee in the Massage Point Salon located at ul. Sandomierska 23, Warsaw.
  6. The Member’s signature which authorizes Massage Point to charge the specified bank account via the debit/credit card bearing a number specified by the Member and the Member’s signature which authorizes Massage Point to charge the debit card, entitle Massage Point to charge the Member’s bank account with the full amount due without having to inform the Member thereof.
  7. Massage Point reserves the right to immediately suspend the membership if the Member falls behind on a payment even for one month. In the period of suspension Massage Point is not obliged to provide any services to the Member. After the liabilities have been covered by the Member, the membership shall be immediately put back in force.
  8. In justified cases upon a written request by the Member there is a possibility to suspend the membership agreement for a maximum period of one month, once a year during the membership period. When the agreement is suspended, the duration of the agreement is extended by a number of days for which it was suspended.
  9. The Member may assign the rights under the agreement only with Massage Point’s explicit consent upon a written request by the person concerned. A new Member assumes the rights and obligations under the agreement of the previous Member. The new Member shall cover the one-off activation fee.



  1. Massage Point offers gift cards.
  2. The gift card entitles the Customer to use either a specified treatment or a treatment within a specified amount of money. The name of the treatment or the amount of money is written on the gift card.
  3. It is not possible to buy cosmetics with a gift card.
  4. Gift cards may be purchased in the Massage Point Massage Salon or ordered by phone or via e-mail at kontakt|massagepoint.pl| |kontakt|massagepoint.pl.
  5. At the request of the buyer a gift card may be sent to a specified address. The fee for having it delivered with courier is settled individually on the basis of the delivery service pricing.
  6. Gift cards ordered by phone or via e-mail and sent directly to the gifted person are payable with a bank transfer. The gift card will be sent after a copy of bank transfer has been sent or payment has been credited to the company’s account.
  7. A gift card cannot be redeemed for cash.
  8. To receive the treatment it is necessary to show the gift card before the treatment.
  9. The expiry date of a gift card is written on the card.
  10. In the event that a gift card is not used until the day of its expiry, the buyer or owner is not entitled to claim any refund.
  11. Persons undergoing a treatment on the basis of a gift card are obliged to comply with the present Regulations, as are the other Customers.
  12. In order to receive a treatment under the gift card it is necessary to make an appointment in the Massage Point Massage Salon.
  13. The massage salon guarantees a treatment under a gift card during the working hours of the salon on any available date.
  14. The owner of a gift card is not entitled to receive the change in the case when the value of the services is lower than the value of the gift card.
  15. The owner of a gift card is obliged to pay the additional amount of money in the case when the value of the service provided is higher than the value of the gift card.


  1. As for all other treatments, in the case of massage treatments there may also be some contraindications. The main contraindications to massages and body treatments are the following:
  • fever,
  • haemorrhage, bleeding,
  • varicose veins,
  • any skin changes,
  • haemophilia,
  • pregnancy up to the 3 month,
  • untreated hypertension,
  • cancer,
  • arteriosclerosis,
  • virus and bacterial diseases,
  • condition directly after a heart attack,
  • thrombophlebitis,
  • fresh symphysis,
  • advanced osteoporosis,
  • inflammation,
  • hematoma, aneurysm,
  • epilepsy,
  • osteomyelitis,
  • meningitis,
  • pneumonia,
  • bronchitis,
  • asthma.
  1. The purchase of a service offered by Massage Point is tantamount to the Customer's declaration that he/she does not have any contraindications to undergo the services provided by Massage Point and that he/she has read and accepted the present Regulations.



The Massage Point Massage Salon accepts payment in cash, by credit card or via bank transfer to the specified company’s account.



The Customer is responsible for his/her belongings and valuables left in the Massage Point Massage Salon.



  1. All services provided by the Massage Point Massage Salon aim at enhancing well-being and physical condition, i.e. they are not health services as defined by regulations of law applicable in Poland. Neither the advice given by massage therapists is considered medical advice.
  2. Massage Point reserves the right to withdraw from providing a service or stop a treatment in progress when the Customer Card form is not filled in or it is filled in incorrectly, if the Client feels unwell or behaves inappropriately, or there occur visible contraindications.



  1. It is forbidden to film or take photos in the Massage Point Massage Salon without prior consent of the person authorized to represent Massage Point.
  2. On the day of receiving the gift card, the buyer or the owner of a gift card declares that he/she has read the present Regulations, accepts the terms and conditions thereof and undertakes to comply therewith.
  3. Massage Point reserves the right to refuse or discontinue services for any reason.